How to help!

Hosptials in Ukraine are in need og hundereds of thousands of tourniquets, Many lives could be saved with this life-saving medical device.

Download the files!

Parts for Ukraine – 3D makers together charity

This is a private person initiative to support Ukraine. No corporations or associated companies are involved. Print Clip, handle and buckle as individual parts. More details in PDF below (assembly link)

Preferably Black or darker grey, but you can print in any color. Glory to Ukraine


Print the files!

Print with 0.4 or 0.6 mm Nozzle only. Parts must be printed with 100% infill, with support, flat on the printbed and 0.2 mm layer height. Only use PETG, Onyx or Addnite for Army usage. All prints are quality controlled by charity organization in Denmark

Use only fresh and dry filament!

Ship your prints!

If you are in Denmark, and you want to send parts please select the method here.

All other countries can use this shipping address:
3DVerkstan Danmark
Lillelundvej 3, gate 1
7400 Herning